August 3, 2005
News today.  Mars is here!  For the first time in recorded history Mars will be almost as big as the moon as it
appears in the Eastern sky this month. This will never happen again in our lifetime, no matter how young you
are.  What does it mean?  To scientists, an opportunity.  To astrologers, an alignment that will change the
course of people's lives.  To someone like me, both.  We have the opportunity to change the prophesies
recorded in all religious and non-religious books.  Time is circular and spiralling, not a straight line as we have
learned it to be.  What was then is now, and now is tomorrow. The prophets tell us the world will change, or
END as we know it within the context of the next 7 years.  That magical 7 again.  For those without absolute
faith, that means death and destruction.  For those who believe they know it all, that means massive
ascension to a new world.  For those like me, that means the world will heal itself as it is the Soul of our being.  
That healing means realignment, cleansing, fortification, and, yes, the end of "disease" whether that disease
be evil, sick people, sick thoughts and intentions, or even pollution.  There are 2 ways to go.  We can come to
1000 years of peace and harmony by believing in that higher power, that highest light and incorporating it into
our lives, or we can choose to believe that we can only come to peace and harmony through death and
destruction.  Someone is listening to our choice, be it God, Jesus, Buddha, the Creator- We have free choice
and can change the outcome.  What's your choice?

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Top 10 Trends in Healthcare
America is undergoing a dramatic shift in healthcare. Actually, ten distinctly different shifts. Although the
changes are unsettling, and will cause dislocations in our economy, the overall trends are positive and will
help us all be healthier and wealthier when it all shakes out.

Western Medicine Costs Continue to Rise
It's hard to imagine, but the cost of going to a regular MD or hospital is going to get more and more expensive.
This is not because doctors or hospitals are getting greedy, but instead because their own costs are rising
every year. Malpractice insurance for risky surgical procedures, pharmaceutical drug reactions and deaths
with accompanying lawsuits, complex medical equipment for diagnostic testing – everything is rising
dramatically in cost. Pharmaceutical drug costs will continue to escalate also, leaving consumers holding the
bag, because...

Health Insurance Opt-Outs Surge
For many years, corporations and small businesses have provided health insurance as an employee benefit.
Often, employees would choose a job based on who offered the best health insurance. No longer. Small
businesses have almost completely opted-out of the insurance game, and large corporations are not far
behind. General Motors complains that health insurance costs them more per year than steel for their cars. In
a few years, health insurance through your employer will be only a memory. Everyone will be buying health
insurance the same way they buy home insurance or car insurance – independently.
Because of this shift, consumers will begin treating health insurance the same way they treat car and home
insurance. Which is to say, they will treat it like...

Today, many Americans run to their doctors for even the smallest maladies, and they expect their health
insurer should pay for everything. In fact, they're incensed when they don't. “What, you're not paying for this
bottle of antibiotics for my kid's ear infection? How terrible!”
This is opposite of how we treat car insurance. Imagine expecting your insurer to pay for oil changes, car
washes, pockmarks in the paint job, a broken cupholder. Can you picture it? Of course not. It would be
Yet, with health insurance, it's been okay. Why? Because the employer is picking up the tab. Not anymore,
they're not.
As a result, Americans will pay more attention to preventive healthcare, like regular exercise, good diet and
meditation, etc. They will also do more cost comparisons between all their healthcare options, including a trip
to the doctor, or...

Alternative Medicine Becomes the Dominant Healthcare System in America
I feel bad calling this a future trend, since this has almost already occurred. Alternative medicine, including
naturopathy, hypnotherapy, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, yoga, etc. is fast overtaking Western medicine
(drugs and surgery) as the dominant healthcare system of America.
Several studies have shown that Americans spend more out-of-pocket on alternative medicine than on
Western medicine. They've also shown that people are making more trips to these alternative practitioners
than they are to regular MDs. These are positive developments. The downside is that people are reticent to
mention their alternative therapies to their doctors, because they're afraid of disapproval by their doctor.
But the trend is clear. Alternative medicine is often less expensive (especially outside of insurance), equally
effective and produces less harmful side effects, as was evidenced by the flurry of pharmaceutical drugs this
past year that were removed after being prescribed to hundreds of thousands of patients.
People's trust in Western medicine is diminishing, and their relief in finding alternatives is rising.
Major institutions are now doing large numbers of studies on alternative medicines, including herbal
remedies, bodywork, meditation, dietary changes and many others. Randomized, controlled studies are
available on almost every type of alternative healing practice, and they typically show good results.
The rise of alternative medicine and the opting-out of employer-funded health insurance has led us inevitably
to an era of...

Consumer-Driven Healthcare
People are making their own choices in healthcare and health insurance. They want to make their own
This is extremely positive. One study after another shows that hospital patients who are disruptive, picky,
nosy and non-compliant are the ones who fare best with any surgery or recovery from illness. The patients
who are compliant and put their fates in the hands of their doctors are the ones who fare most poorly. Taking
charge of one's health is part of consumer-driven healthcare.
This term also refers to how people are deciding to use whatever treatments they think will work best, based
on their own research. Fewer people simply accept their “doctor's orders” and instead they find out for
themselves what is available and make informed choices. This also means they are deciding to use a different
kind of health insurance, which is more compatible with their free-will healthcare style...
High-Deductible Health Insurance and Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
As corporations drop their employees' health plans, the employees are choosing to buy high-deductible health
insurance policies, which are much cheaper.
In fact, a high-deductible policy ($2,500 deductible or higher) is almost always so much cheaper, that even if
you had to pay the entire deductible yourself every year, you'd still save thousands of dollars. The monthly
premiums are reduced MORE than the amount of the deductible.
Along with high-deductible policies, people are choosing to use the Health Savings Account (HSA), introduced
in 2003. This is a tax-deductible savings account that can be used for any medical treatment (Western
medicine, actually), which is basically a tax savings for everyone who buys their insurance independently.
High-deductible policies and HSAs allow people to have Western medicine waiting in the wings when they
have serious health problems that require expensive drugs, tests and surgery. But until then, they are able to
use alternative medicine as the best service for prevention and small day-to-day health problems.
Alternative medicine provides a “first line of defense” while Western medicine provides the expensive,
dangerous, but necessary backup.
Since alternative medicine has taken such a major role in healthcare, the state and federal laws have had to
adjust, which has meant...

The Rise of Health Freedom Laws
Health freedom is a term applied to a particular kind of legislative bill. It is a bill that allows alternative medical
practitioners to practice their healing arts, as long as they stay out of the areas where extensive Western
medical training is required:
•        performing surgery
•        prescribing pharmaceutical drugs
•        administering injections (like vaccinations)
•        knowingly contradicting an MD's orders
If alternative medical practitioners are caught doing any of these, they can be arrested for practicing medicine
without a license. But otherwise, they can use any other type of healing art, including bodywork, dietary
changes, movement therapies, hypnosis, etc. to help their clients.
This bill is needed in many states, because current laws state that no one can practice medicine except
medical doctors, and the definition of practicing medicine is anything that helps people with their health! This
means that if someone has a cold, and they go to a massage therapists who recommends echinacea, that
massage therapist is breaking the law! Ridiculous? Practitioners have been shut down in many states for
doing less.
Health Freedom laws are common sense. They've been passed in four states already – Minnesota, Rhode
Island, California and Idaho. These states have had excellent results from these bills, including patients from
neighboring states making trips to their states to seek relief from health problems. Can you say “boost to the
For more information about Health Freedom initiatives, visit the National Health Freedom Website.
With Health Freedom information, and alternative medical options available, it is only natural that people turn

The Internet As a Healthcare Information Resource
The Internet has become the first stop for someone who has a health concern. Feeling low? Do a search on
depression remedies on the Internet. Just been diagnosed with cancer, and the doctor says it's
chemotherapy or die? Jump on the Internet and see what your other options are.
Of course, the Internet has its benefits and its problems. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation
about healthcare on the Internet. Much of it comes from well-meaning entrepreneurs who have been sucked
into a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme and are trying to pitch some health elixir or other. A second source
of health misinformation comes from the Western medical establishment, who seek to discredit alternative
medical therapies that could take significant revenues away from their invested therapies. A third source of
misinformation comes from the anecdotes of individuals who experienced relief from one therapy or another,
but who do not (and cannot) actually represent a proven cure to a particular health problem.
Even with all these caveats, the Internet's influence in healthcare decisions will gain momentum. People will
understand the “good sources” and “bad sources” of information and new portals will crop up that separate
the wheat from the chaff.
The reason people are turning to the Internet in such numbers is due to a lack of trust...

Distrust in Existing Medical Institutions
At one time, you could hold no position of higher trust than to be a doctor. My wife's father was a doctor in a
small town in Ohio. When he died, the funeral was packed with his patients over the years. People appreciated
his caring and his dedication to keeping them healthy.
Now, doctors are viewed with suspicion. Will my doctor let me die by not revealing an alternative therapy that
could help me? Is my doctor getting kickbacks from the cute, young, female pharmaceutical rep who visits
him twice a month?
The system has gained the pallor of corruption, even when it's not really true. Big medicine has become big
business, and the number one concern is no longer the patient, it's dollars and cents.
But hospitals and doctors are not the only things that Americans distrust...

Distrust of Socialized Medicine
People in government and in society seem to feel that some brand of socialized medicine will be the magic
solution for America's healthcare problems. The “single payer system” of healthcare, successful in other
countries, must be implemented here, they say.
But America is a different kind of country, from its very beginnings. Americans praise the independent spirit,
the entrepreneur, the underdog.
Socialized medicine will not work in America. And Americans know it. They do not want a government-run
system. What is the least efficient organization you can imagine? It's the government. Do you really want a
government worker making decisions for you about healthcare?
Yes, America needs to find a way to insure every single person in this country. But socialized medicine is not
the cure for this illness. Ask any country that has tried it.
I understand that the person in the middle of this entire crisis, the professional who has the most to gain or
lose, is the doctor, the general practitioner. They will be devastated by a socialized medicine system, and they
will also be affected greatly by the other trends in this article.
Because of this, I see the emergence of a final trend...

Doctors Incorporate Alternative Medicine Into Their Practices
Doctors will have no choice but to use pieces and parts of alternative medicine in what they do day-to-day with
patients. “The customer is always right,” as they say, and the customer definitely wants a choice.
Although doctors are increasingly using alternative medicine in their own practice, and hiring alternative
practitioners to work in their offices, the independent alternative practitioner will still be the rule, not the
exception. There are just too many alternative practitioners (massage therapists, chiropractors, yoga
instructors, etc.) for doctors to absorb everyone. And people will want a choice. A Western medical
experience, or perhaps an alternative medicine experience.
And a choice they will receive.
The Western medical practitioners who are clearly leading the way are nurses. Nurses are much more open
to alternatives than doctors, and they are increasingly opening their own offices, as nurse-practitioners
sometimes, and treating patients with a wide variety of healing methods. Patients appreciate the nurses
Western medical knowledge, and also their openness to a new set of options.
Overall, the outlook for healthcare is extremely positive for everyone involved. Tremendous change, yes. But
upheaval can create some wonderful new circumstances.

                                                                                 August 5, 2005
The anagram of listen is silent.  To really listen is to be silent, not only with the spoken word, but also in your
mind.  To listen is to not be thinking of what you'll say next, or thinking of something else because you don't
want to hear what's being said.  When I was young we used to watch a funny little program called The Mickey
Mouse Club. At the end of every show were simple words of wisdom that sometimes stick in a kid's mind.
"Think twice and speak only once," was a phrase I never forgot. To do that, we first have to be silent.  Thinking
causes clutter, clatter and static in our brains.  In a Native American Medicine Wheel, we pass a talking stick,
which I will teach on the last program this season.  It is expected and sacred that all others listen, with their
hearts, not their minds, when someone speaks while holding the talking stick. I see no one listening to
anyone.  The "ME" people are always planning their next move, strategizing their next statements, trying to
remember what to get at the store, or what was planned for next weekend, or who just called on the cell
phone.  Interested in knowing what's truly being said?  Try listening.

                                                                                August 6, 2005
A client from India reminded me of a saying they have: You can not see the reflection of a lake unless you are
absolutely still.  Throughout the last several weeks of The Holistic Health Hotline, we have tried to teach people
the essence of energy, our energy, the Earth’s soul and purpose, the Creator’s intention.  We are, afterall, a
reflection of the Universe, a manifested state of Being. But we are a distortion.  Just as the mountain’s
reflection is distorted by ripples and waves, so are we.  Yet the ego rises and perpetuates the myth that we
are better than the next person, superior to our neighbors and friends, more clever and cunning, richer, more
moral. Who are we to judge? Doesn’t judgment, as all negative energy motions, come from fear? How does
one become the crystal clear reflection of God or Creator? For those in the ethereal practices, stop what you’
re thinking.  Immediately I hear, “Just love everybody.  Send out the light.”  In the political world, many of these
people are now referred to as Liberals.  For those referred to as Conservatives I hear, ”Save the family.  Go to
church.  Outlaw practices that we don’t agree with.” Wow.  How important we believe ourselves to be. The
Creator, God, Buddha, whomever you believe in, doesn’t come from either of these places. God is not a
political party or a theology. God is not text in a book written by fearful men. God is not fear, therefore, not
Several years ago there was a story of some teenagers in another country who were sentenced to flogging,
an ancient practice of whipping with a cane.  Regardless of their crime, the world was divided on the
appropriateness of this punishment.  After listening to the news story on the radio, my almost 5 year old
daughter said, “Gee.  I sure am glad we have rules.”  When I asked what she meant by that, she answered,
“Well.  We only have eight or nine rules, and if we follow those, we’re free to do everything else.”  How simple
and complete.
We live in a world where everyone believes we are fighting for some form of freedom, or so they say. America
is believed to be fighting for democratic freedom from a Republican point of view, that in itself, an interesting
dichotomy. With all of this “fighting for freedom” happening globally, where is the reflection of the mountain?
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