October 11, 2005.  I haven't blogged in a long time and people are writing to ask why.  That's a good thing.  My
words have been missed.  Blogs are web logs, journals, thoughts imposed on others on the internet.  When
one is unable or unwilling to log on, blogs go stagnant.
I have moved to a newly built house.  To many that statement would seem mundane, but I've moved to a larger,
beautiful space when so many others have lost their home.  In less than a week, the yard has been
landscaped, a hot tub has been installed and enjoyed by many, a screen house is near completion, and the
garage that so many neighbors still have full of unpacked belongings is almost clean. How blessed we are.  
That's a good thing.  My ears, on the other hand, have been clogged and inflamed, rendering me 70-80% deaf
for the last 4 weeks. Brought on by the strange bacteria and viruses now infecting the South, this incidious
disease seems incurable to both western and alternative medicine. I had said a month ago that I didn't want to
hear any more whining or complaining.  I didn't want to hear about any more government fraud.  I was tired of
hearing people complain and remain in their own tiny worlds while the greater world wailed.  Be careful what
you wish for, especially in the next six years.  Monster mold, super fungus, bird flu, mad cow, Katrina fish,
extreme heat and dying leaves -  an extraordinary recipe for disease. We're trying to find the answer, the
remedy, while we ready ourselves for a working trip West and leave behind the new house.  We've been
surrounded by love.  That's a good thing.  May we heal and continue.

October 28, 2005
What do we know?  Hurricane season is almost over, but we knew we had to get to Alpha as it is the
beginning, and we are there.  Trudeau is still selling books and newsletters that tout cures, but deliver
nothing.  Native Americans are gathering in many places.  Prophesies in Georgia November 5.  Cultural festival
in Tallahassee November 17.  Mold and fungus diseases are spreading and we HAVE found some things that
work.  Ears and noses are typical entry points and oregano root works the best, along with thieves oil,
malaleuca oil and basic maintenance. This is not easy.  Most people are staying ill for several weeks, and now
dogs, cats and birds are also suffering.  This is NOT an allergy, though doctors prefer steroids and benadryl,
which don't work.  Beware.  Back to writing and more classes being lined up for winter and spring.  Stay tuned.

November 12, 2005
Did you miss the 11/11 portal of energy?  A sacred number and a special time of transformation and change is
with us now.  Maybe the storms will now make some sense.  If you take a trip to the Gulf Coast you'll see
things that many still describe as a war zone.  The devastation is still so apparent, and still undescribable.  
Pictures won't do the trick as the perspective is far too limited. Do you see blue roofs in Pensacola on the
news?  Hundreds of people are still waiting for insurance adjusters and  many more still waiting for checks.  
Biloxi and Gulfport Ms. are forever gone.  Many casinos have chosen not to rebuild which means loss of work
for thousands, and, believe me, FEMA and insurance companies are not in service in these areas.  The
illnesses that are now appearing are far beyond the scope of western doctors and will continue to spread
eastward and then North.  I heard a woman complaining the other day that someone didn't notice her new
hairstyle.  Get a grip, people.  There are major things happening in our world that have nothing to do with
fashion or politics or reality TV or music videos.  Go inside yourselves and start seeking the truth, or it will find
you when you least expect it.
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