In this new follow up to Ms. Rayna Gangi’s original Forget the Cures, Find the Cause, she
continues exploring important health concerns. Bringing her extensive experience in holistic
health to this resource book, her aim is to engage the reader in taking charge of their body, mind,
and spirit. As an alternative to controlling and medicating a variety of health problems, she
emphasizes and actively supports a natural way of getting at the root of the problem. With areas
focused on children, seniors, and pets, as well as on certain important life stages, she appeals to a
wide audience.

Surprisingly engaging while staying educational, I really enjoyed this book and the information
presented. Laid out in a logical and easy to follow format, I particularly appreciated how she
infused her vast knowledge with factual based statistics to puttogether such a helpful guide. I feel
that Ms. Gangi has clearly identified the impact of how this information can make on our lives,
regardless of our age. In conclusion and based on my wonderful experience reading Book II, I
have already sought out Book I as I feel that both volumes will make a welcome addition to my
library.   -
Reviewed by Vianna Renaud

Everyone has something in common – we are all someone’s child.  From birth, we subject our
children to vaccines that are supposed to protect and defend us against mumps, tetanus, rubella,
etc. However, Gangi writes that within hours of being vaccinated, some children “suffered
convulsions, respiratory and cardiac arrest, and died.” Why do we do it? “Medical experts argue
that only several hundred of the thousands of babies inoculated had adverse reactions.” That
does not seem to be a comfort – if one of the children who died was yours.

“Vaccines have become the mainstream weapon of destruction.” Gangi recalls that she suffered
with mumps, whooping cough, chicken pox and “something called the fifth disease.” She claims
that her immune system got stronger having got through these diseases. But, as she entered the
Marines, she “was inoculated for every disease imaginable,” and her body reacted negatively –
“erythema in multi-form, nodules, vascular impairment, nerve damage, and paralysis.”

“Few people realize the extent of vaccine-induced disease, impairment, and death.” While there
were ten or so mandatory vaccines in the 50’s and 60’s, “today, children are expected to have an
average of 36, beginning often at two days old and continuing into young adulthood. The steady
escalation in the number of vaccines administered has been followed by an identical rise in the
incidence of auto-immune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, sub acute lupus, erthematosus,
psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, and asthma.”  Autism has risen and SIDS is up “400%.” Gangi
suggests that it is from foreign particles in vaccines such as “mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde,
and other toxic agents.”

Since the days of “miracle drugs,” “the rates for cancer have risen. Adulterated foods are a
problem. And unhealthy lifestyles do not help – fast foods, little or no exercising, etc.

This book is highly recommended for it’s well-researched material, history, and poignant points
and stories. We have everything we need to heal – instead we trust a company to provide us a pill
– a “magic bullet.” Gangi has provided a wealth of information packed into 268-pages – it is
sensible and you will wonder why you hadn’t connected the dots earlier.

Reviewer’s note: Fifth disease is a viral disease common among children 5-15 years of age

The above review was contributed by:  Sue Vogan,

Modern allopathic medicine has become particularly famous for ignoring the real cause of illness
and focusing only on the symptomatic treatments.  This approach works wonderfully for creating
corporate profits but is certainly not for the purpose of encouraging the health of a population.
The medical industrial complex knows that prevention and cures do not add up to monetary gain
and therefore real prevention is discouraged.

In her book "Forget The Cures: Find The Cause, Rayna Gangi focuses on prevention as the
answer to our health care crisis. Most of us would like to find a magic pill which would cure all of
our problems and yet still allow us to continue in our unhealthy habits......but.....Gangi shares with
us how many of these "magic pills" only cause more problems which require additional pills.  
Unfortunately, most of the time the answer lies in avoidance......avoidance of refined foods,
caffeine, alcohol, fluoride, food additives and other chemicals in our environment.  This is
becoming more difficult as time goes on but we can reduce the toxic load we are exposed to.
Every little bit helps us.... and the world we live in.

The author tells of the dangers of microwave ovens and how this form of heating our food can
adversely affect the shape, function and energy of it's molecules.  There is a section in the book
concerning pets and the additives included in their food.  Is it any wonder our pets are manifesting
with the same cancers and other health problems as we humans are?  Gangi writes about how
much more connected wild animals are to their environment.  They instinctively know and are
attuned to what is healthy for them and what is not.  Indigenous cultures also had this instinctive
knowledge but the more we became separated from God and the land, the more we became
separated from this natural wisdom and health.

Gangi talks about children, Attention Deficit Disorder, the symptoms of hyperactivity and the
drugs prescribed for it.  I would like to share a quote from page 86 of her book.  "No study has
been done to date on the correlation between these symptoms and the same correlations with the
use of fluoride, aspartame, microwaves, sugar and the proven neurological effects.  In other
words, we have a society being diagnosed with a new condition, being given drugs that have
more adverse effects, because we have a society that fluoridates water, lives on pesticides, injests
jet fuel on plants and through water, bathes in carcinogenic chemicals, inoculates every child
thirty-six times, then microwaves food and junk filled with sugar, preservatives and chemical
additives.  I believe I would "squirm," not pay attention to detail, and feel like leaving my seat often

Nearer the end of the book Gangi speaks of how at a specific  age , we are considered "seniors".
50 or 55 is often the designated cutoff point. I found this section of the book interesting because
the idea of categorizing people rankles me also. Being past the age of 50, I personally feel as if life
is just beginning.  Modern society only seems to value the young and the work that can be
squeezed out of them. Ancient societies have always valued their elders for their knowledge and
wisdom, which would be passed down to the younger generations. Today, instead of stressing
that older people have valuable wisdom to offer......society encourages the elders to separate
themselves from move to Florida or other retirement fill their days with golf,
cards, crafts, TV...etc. They become divorced from the main pulse of life. I feel this is a facet of
social engineering. Governments are better able to control the people when the young are
separated from their parents and from their grandparents. Our children derive their values from
whomever they spend most of their time with.

As the author brings out.....we need to see that growing older, does not mean growing useless. In
fact this is a time of life where we need to reflect on the true meaning of life and to share what we
have learned with those who have not yet had the same experiences we have had.

Gangi reminds us that in order to stay healthy , we need to tend to all aspects of ourselves...the
mental, the emotional, the physical and the spiritual. We need to find balance and harmony in our
lives. If we pay more attention to these factors FIRST....then we will have much less need to focus
on treatments or cures.This book is a good overview of what we need to do to stay healthy and
avoid the expense and dangers of allopathic medicine.
The above review was contributed by:  Marjorie Tietjen: Marjorie is a freelance investigative
journalist with a B.S. in nutrition.

If you’re a firm believer in modern-day medicine and have no interest in taking care of your own
body, then this book is not for you. But many people today are beginning to question the ability of
their physicians to treat their whole body rather than just a set of symptoms, and they’re looking
for ways to take their health care into their own hands.

Rayna M. Gangi, a holistic healer with native American roots, begins this volume by providing
considerable evidence that today’s children are suffering much greater health risks than those of
several decades ago, with the increase in vaccinations and behavior modification drugs.
Chemicals in common household products and in the water they drink expose them to numerable
toxins. And their diets are suffering due to soft drinks, sugary products and artificial sweeteners
and colors.

She also explores the over-vaccination of pets and the poor quality of most pet foods. While the
author doesn’t mention the food poisoning which recently devastated many pet owners, that
incident certainly does make one question what our pets are really eating.

As the circle implies, our journey begins with childhood, and this book wouldn’t be complete
unless it traveled the full arc into aging and death. The author touches on the concept of living life
in circle, and living in harmony with the earth and its cycles. In a well-written and well-documented
book, she shows us where we can make changes in our lives, so we can experience better health
and happiness.

Rayna M. Gangi writes with warmth and compassion. She encourages us to ask questions, and to
notice how our bodies feel when we bombard them with chemicals and mistreat them. Ultimately,
she sees a world where we all respect our bodies, our environment, and each other.

Reviewer: Alice Berger