The radio show is no longer live as we've moved on to bigger and better
things.  We'll keep the schedule on the site as the archives are
occasionally available.  Best bet?  Order the CD set.

Thursday June 9
What IS Holistic Health? A summary of all things holistic from a Native
American perspective with discussions on energy, our connection to
Earth, and hot topics in alternative Medicine.

Thursday, June 16
Reflexology   with   guest:   Laurie Azzarella, IIR Seminar Director. What
is it? How does it work? What can I expect?

Thursday, June 23
Fingernails and Eyes Using the fingernails to determine imbalances.
Iridology - its uses and abuses.

Thursday, June 30
The Colon and Digestive Health with guest: Pat Sullivan, author of
Wellness Piece by Piece Pat will discuss his book and we will take calls
on Irritable Bowel Syndrome and related areas.

Medicine is self knowledge

Thursday, July 7
Massage and Chiropractic Body Balancing using soft tissue or spinal
adjustments.   Which is for you?

Thursday, July 14
Open Line - Calls and Emails

Thursday, July 21
Chakras and Spirtuality What are chakras and what do they have to do
with my health? What  is the  Body,   Mind,  Spirit connection to health?

Thursday, July 28
Herbs and Vitamins
Straight talk  on  supplements  -
what works and what doesn't.  Special guest Jo Littleton, retired Health
and Physical Education teacher from Miracle II

Thursday, August 4
Essential Oils with guest: Laurie Azzarella, Young Living Director. Using
Essential Oils- the hows and whys of Aromatherapy,

Thursday, August 11
Art and Color Therapy with guest: Linda Lee Smith, Fairhope Artist
How   do   colors   and   vibrational energy effect your health and well

Thursday, August 18
CAMS_ Complementary/Alternative Therapies
Geared for the traditional health-care professional, but good for
everyone.  Special Guest:  Dr. Bartisich - Are hysterectomies an

Thursday, August 25
Children's health from ADHD to
sniffles. Special guest from Super Healthy Kids

Thursday, September 1
Mind, Body, Spirit - The Real Connection
Discussion on a global perspective and our total connection.
Hurricane Katrina

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