We've all done it.  Whether it's standing in line before or after a hurricane, searching
for spring or mineral water in the store to "be sure" we're getting good water, or
showering after a dip in the pool to get rid of the chlorine, we've all tried something to
get pure, healthy water as close to us as possible. After researching more than 17
companies, we've found one that follows the way the Earth was created to clean

The Earth takes a long time to filter and clean water.  Unfortunately, we pollute the
water much faster and it arrives at our taps chlorinated, fluoridated and full of

KDF filters act like lightning, ridding the water of chlorine, mercury, lead and other
metals.  They also inhibit the growth of fungi, algae and bacteria.

Coconut shell carbon and Centaur carbon remove volatile compounds and chlorine by-

These components need to be routinely backwashed to ensure no residuals are left on
the filters.

Add garnet and a kinetic linear cell to stop adhesions and pipe erosion and you have
the basics of Earth cleaned water that is now safe and comes from every tap in the

Showering or bathing in polluted or contaminated water is more dangerous than
drinking it.

Take the time to learn more,and even if you think you're tough enough to handle the
water, think about investing in the future of your children,and maybe the future of the

Click on the Products link and order the book, "Don't Drink your Water until You Read

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Learn about water and learn soon.  Yes, our water departments do the best they
believe they can to saturate our drinking and bathing water in chemicals to kill harmful
and deadly bacteria; however, they use chlorine.  Chlorine is not only harmful itself,
but also produces by-products like chloroform and chloromines.  You absorb these
and a host of other chemicals into your system through the largest organ of your body,
the skin.  In fact, 24 hot showers is all it takes to equal 5 years of drinking 8 eight oz
glasses of chemical-laden water a day.  You can check out your own tap water (IF they
have responded and reported) at http://tapwatersafety.com. If you're not worried, at
least think about your kids.  (P.S. The guy who owns the company is a yakker, but he
knows water.)

Imagine a world without water.
Imagine a world where the only water available for
drinking or for bathing is polluted, contaminated
and deadly.
Imagine a world where people die every day from
dehydration – a condition that causes heart disease,
kidney failure, cancer.

Our bodies are  70 – 80% water, just like the Earth.
Our blood was meant to be 74-89% alkaline. Why?  
Because disease cannot live in alkaline conditions
and we weren’t meant to be diseased.

The largest organ of our body is the skin. Through it
we absorb every chemical, every by-product, every

Imagine a world where health care costs were cut in
Imagine if people no longer had to rely on
pharmaceutical companies for their “daily bread.”
Imagine if children had pure, safe water to drink, no
matter where they live.

Water is our life. Can you find any you trust?  How
do you feel about the plastic bottle you’re drinking
from as you read this?  How do you feel about the
chemicals you’re ingesting?  Chlorine?  Fluoride?  
Chloromeres?  and 700 more?   Have you tasted the
water in South Africa?  In China?  In Chicago?

We have the answers- but we need Angels. Angels
who know that water – from the womb, to the oceans
and streams, to the drinking fountain at school and
the tap at home, is no longer safe, no longer
healthy.  Angels who want to save lives with one of
God’s gifts.
Water- Pure, Safe
and Necessary
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