May 20, 2005
Each week I'll be doing my own Blog on this page which may be about the body, the mind, or the spirit and relate to
anything in our world or universe. Sometimes the world is very serious, and often very funny.  We have a refrigerator
magnet that says, "We plan, and God laughs." Our world has some very serious problems and we are the co-creators
of those issues. Wars don't happen, they are made. They don't come from love, they come from fear. What about
power?  What about religious differences? There are only two emotions that exist in our world, love and fear.  All other
emotions can be reduced to these finite energies. Love, of course, is the most powerful, and also the most abused.  
War does not come from love of country, but rather fear that we may not have a country to love.  Don't misunderstand
this.  As a former U.S. Marine I am always ready to protect and serve, but my way of doing that would be much different
than what we are doing now, though I have to say it would still be necessary to be forceful and resolute. There was a
news story a few years back about a massive forest fire in Arizona. As the inspectors surveyed the ashes and charred
trees, they came upon a bird, burnt and stiff with its wings spread across the ground.  They moved it to survey the
ground beneath. Under those loving wings were two baby birds, very much alive and well. Perhaps we need to follow
the lessons of the living things and learn what we need to protect.
                             May 31, 2005
When I was a kid Memorial Day was the beginning of the only reason kids are alive. Summer was a few exams away.  
Trees had enough leaves to hide any good climber for hours.  My bike was my horse and it was oiled and ready for duty.
Baseball would be my classroom, and my uncle would be my teacher.  I learned to fish.  I learned to make a bow and
arrows to hunt.  I learned to shoot from the hip. I'd cloud-walk and stargaze. As a former Marine, I see Memorial Day a
little differently now. My father fought in WWII and Korea.  My brother and I both saw Vietnam. There is no one who
loves America as I do. Maybe it was summers that made me so patriotic. Maybe I'll spend the day in a tree, on my bike,
or just being an American.

                         June 3, 2005
Those who have eyes will see.  Those who have ears will hear.  When people come to my offices for consultations, I
spend a lot of time asking questions such as where they were born, when did they move, what kind of water do they
drink, etc. Invariably when I ask about past injuries, they either don't remember or truly believe they've never had an
injury. My intuition almost never lets me down, so I continue asking and changing the context of the questions until their
body finally clues them in and reminds them of something that happened in the past.  From there we can develop a time
line that consistently shows health challenges that presented themselves years ago, but went unnoticed. Your health is
a responsibility and a gift. The only "healer" is you.  We have to pay attention to the subtle and not so subtle messages
that our bodies give us to tell us something is not in balance. For instance, it's not normal to have a backache.  It's not
normal to move your bowels once a week. A lot of accidents on the highways today because people don't pay attention
to the road signs. Pay attention to your body signs and maybe you won't end up in the hospital.

                          June 9, 2005
We're trained to expect answers from someone else.  We're trained to call for help whenever we hurt or have an
unexplained symptom.  I have new neighbors, a young couple with a new baby. The father is a 26 year old who reminds
me of my nephew.  Strong, confident and alive.  I met him outside and after exchanging small talk he asked me if I knew
of an all night pharmacy.  He, of course, had no idea who I was or what I do, but my experience led me to obvious
questions.  He said he thought he had been bitten by a spider and wondered if I could recognize a spider bite.  Southern
spiders can be dangerous so I asked him to show me the bite.  His ankle was swelling and he felt tingling in his toes.
He also said it felt, "A little hot."  My intuition told me it wasn't a spider, but to help him recognize the cause, I asked
more questions.  I eventually said it looked more like a fire ant bite.  He said he had been bitten by fire ants before, but
never had a reaction.  He then told me he had just been near a fire ant hill 20 minutes before.  It never occurred to him
that this time he may be having an allergic reaction. We put a few drops of Young Living's purification oil on the swelling
and suggested he ice it.  He did and he's fine. Isn't it interesting that somehow we really know what the problem is, but
we don't believe in ourselves enough to trust that knowledge? He was ready to go the hospital, have an on-call
physician prescribe something for him, even subject himself to tests.  The first test should be memory.  The second,
trust. If that fails, then maybe resort to the ALTERNATIVE - western medicine. Or better yet, consult someone who can
help you cure yourself.

                                   June 11, 2005
Had a great opening show!  Scores of emails and not too many live mistakes. Have to take care of myself holistically
now as the flooding that hits the Gulf Coast from storms like Arlene cause mold and mildew problems.  People don't
realize they can get a mold "build-up" in their respiratory systems just like you get in your walls and basements. Well,
my house has been flooded three times and new carpeting has been laid each time.  Besides having a terrible allergy to
formaldehyde, which all carpets and clothing now have, our walls have mold and mildew embedded in them.  We're
building a new house, so that problem will go away. In the meantime, I'm starting Garlic, essential oils, and
homeopathics to help myself. I'll let you know on the show whether they work or not.

                                   June 14, 2005
So far, so good.  A little Golden Seal, a little garlic.  Some extra Vitamin C.  Double the Body Balance, and I'm healing
quickly. Water, water, water.  Do you have any idea what's in your water?  Please don't tell me you use Brita or reverse
osmosis.  And the real killers- TAP water or water from your refrigerator.  We'll be talking about water alot more on the
show, but know for now that you're drinking more than 119 carcinogens and bathing in them too.  So what should you
drink?  Nothing is perfect, but spend the money on better water so you don't have to spend it on doctor bills or nursing

                                   June 15, 2005
Today I'm on a rampage.  If you are a therapist of any kind, beware of what I'm about to say. I have decided to go after
every therapist, every wanna-be, every so-called "chosen" healer who doesn't do what they're supposed to do and/or
doesn't know what he or she is doing. I will also extend this to every doctor or doctor-wanna-be who isn't putting the
patient first.  Leave your egos and greed somewhere else. You have people's lives in your hands, precious lives that
may not mean much to you, but are important to those who love them.  To arrogantly push your MLM products or your
reciprocated drugs in an effort to make more money, and to  do so under the guise of some caring, God-like heart, is an
atrocity and akin to attempted murder. I have referred to chiropractors, massage therapists, reflexologists,
nutritionists, so-called Shamans, and physicians, all working under a license that signifies they have an understanding
of what a patient/client may need to heal, and I will NOT refer again.  I will NOT presume them to be professional or
intelligent or to even be in the same universe.  And when I find the pretenders, the liars, the self-centered, ego-centric,
money-hungry fakes, I will go after them with everything I have.  No longer will you embarrass or defame this
profession.  No longer will you put people at risk. You've been on a great ride, and time is up.

                                       June 20, 2005
Buffalo, N.Y., the city of no illusions.  I grew up about 46 miles southwest of here, and I worked in the Buffalo(beautiful
river) area for about 20 years.  It was a city that boomed with the Erie Canal and when steel from America was an
important building block.  My hometown, Fredonia(free women), N.Y., was a small, college town in Chautauqua (bag tied
in the middle) county and now I am here because my daughter will be going to college there. The perpetual circle
continues. We believe our lives are individual and many forget how every action, every decision, every thought and
every word effects every generation of all families. The film, "It's a Wonderful Life," reminds us of our importance to
community, but stops very short of showing us our impact on our country, our world, our universe. We are energy. If
you say or just think the word "hate," you have sent hate into the world. If you choose self over others, you have
transmitted selfishness to those around you.  Take this a step further.  Those who received your energy of hate,
selfishness, greed, fear or any other that is not love, take in that energy, transform it to their present, and retransmit.  
Like the telephone game we played in school, the energy gets more and more distorted and as horrible as hatred and
greed can be, the energy is amplified.  So it is also with love, although because unconditional love is the purest form of
energy, it does not distort when transmitted, but rather illumines and clarifies. I once hated Buffalo with it's dirty
streets, crime, snow storms and rust belt.  It became worse in all these things. Now, with a graduation, comes also my
lesson. I return for this short time with love, for the small town south of here that helped create my path and will now be
one spiral of Julia's life, and the city of no illusions that allowed my work and my daughter's growth. One person.  One
lesson.  One step toward a more loving world.  

                                              June 25, 2005
The show is doing well.  Most importantly, it's helping people take control of their wellness.  Many still write that they're
afraid.  Afraid to believe.  Afraid to try what we're saying.  That will change.  I don't come from fear.  Fear is no longer a
word in my vocabulary.  Since there are only 2 emotions, love and fear, I only come from love. I am, among other things,
an ordained minister, actually a priest. My order believes only in unconditional love.  So many say they too believe this,
but I often find hiding beneath the surface judgment, expectations, preconceived ideas.  These things come from fear.  
Go to the mirror.  Your best friend is looking back at you.  Say I love you to that friend, unconditionally.  Do this every day
until it's like brushing your teeth. A surprise awaits you.

                                  June 29, 2005                                                                                                
Last show of the month and some housekeeping is in order.  First of all, thank you to my guests,
my supporters and the staff of  The show is a hit and I look forward to
much more sharing and enlightenment.  Also, for those of you having trouble with the radio
links, most online providers expect broadband connections (I don't have one either) so dial-up
may cause sporadic stop-and-goes during playback.  It should restart, if not, hit the play button
again.   The on-demand links are directly available on the home page. Click, wait a minute, and

The catalog/product page and the resource page are great places to find books, oils, vitamins,
etc.  It's sparse on purpose.  We won't support something we don't use, nor do we recommend
a book we haven't read.  I have found over the years that many companies have one or 2 great
products, the rest is filler. So we only recommend those we know to work.  Integrity and truth
are key players in our life walk.

A quick note about my daughter's graduation.  She did it "with honor."  How many of us truly
know the meaning of that word?  I am so proud.

                                     July 1, 2005
First of the month, the Independence month, and I am doubtful that many Americans know the
history of our "independence." As I don't care to be a history teacher today, I'll leave the details
to others, but as one of Delaware blood, I am compelled to say we need a new independence
revolution. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,,,,But only if they respect the
country they are coming to and respect the principles it was founded on.  Liberty and Justice
for all, but only if they obey the laws of the land and learn to speak the language so they cannot
plead ignorance.  My grandfather came here, my grandmothers and great-grandmothers were
born here, They kiss the ground, speak the language, obey the laws of the Creator, and of men,
be they perfect or not. DO NOT come to my country without respect.  Do not live in my country
without reverence. In Native America, if the "leaders" did not uphold the good of the people,
the women removed them.  Beware of the women of America, for they, too, will protect the
children, the borders, and teach self-sufficiency so independence is known by all. Beware of
the children, for they soon will teach the ultimate lessons. Listen, but be not silent.  God helps
those who help themselves, but more so, those who love and come from love.  I love my
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