July 6, 2005
Ah, the sharks.  2 weeks ago we heard of shark bites off the Florida panhandle.  A client
asked me what the bites meant, a strange question for those who don't follow the
teaching of all creatures.  On September 9, 2001, I told a Marine Biologist in the area that
something big was going to happen and it involved New York, New Jersey, and to some
extent, Florida.  The reason I felt this was that for several days before there were
reports of shark bites, mostly in fairly shallow water.  The only other time in history this
had happened was the beginning of World wars, I and II.  September 11 proved the
connection. Some time after that, there were more attacks off the Texas coast, and then
underground explosions.  Last September, 99 sharks were spotted clustered near Gulf
Shores, Alabama.  Within 2 weeks, Hurricane Ivan came to the same spot.  Now, within
the last 2 weeks, 2 shark bites on the Florida panhandle, one to a female, one to a male.
My answer to my client?  Something is coming very soon, and since it is hurricane
season, that may be a good guess.  Tropical storm Cindy is here, and Dennis is on his
way.  Remember the names of last year's notorious, destructive storms? The first one,
Charley, was male energy, Francis confused people because of the spelling, so
newscasters and writers alternated between the male and female.  Jeanne was female.
And Ivan the Terrible was the ultimate slam.  Let's see...male energy, female energy, a
combination of both, and then the final, an anagram for vain.  Now Dennis, an anagram
for sinned.  Hmmm.  We are getting many signs and symbols, but are we paying
attention? The sharks draw blood to get our attention.  What will have to happen for us
to see the other storms that loom on the horizon, the storms that destroy with judgment,
selfishness, greed, apathy?

                                       July 11, 2005
7-11, a lucky day.  The hurricane that could have done more to the coast, is doing most
of its damage inland.  I had to drive to Texas to get someone to the airport.  The airline
was sure Pensacola airport would be open on Tuesday for my friend's flight, but, we
knew better, so we rescheduled to Houston.  Pensacola will not be open until
Wednesday or Thursday. So what is intuition?  It's not the weird vibes someone gets,
nor is it asking a million questions and determining a scientific answer.  Yes, one needs
experience to have it.  Babies have instincts, not intuition.  Yes, you have to have an
energy that allows you to recognize it, unblocked by ego.  We all have the "gene," but
few can give up their ego, their agenda, to listen.  As I said above, sharks draw blood to
get our attention. Some of the heaviest damage from Hurricane Dennis is between
Pensacola and Navarre beach, and at Destin.  Guess where the sharks were.  Look at the
word.  See another word within it? (hint: HARK).  Because I have made a conscious
decision to be aware of nature, of the weather, of animals and habits, I am "in tune"
often with the patterns and can "feel" the outcomes. Most of us are too busy, or so we
think.  Most of us are also too into our own little micro worlds, selfishly trodding what we
believe to be our own individual paths and unaware of our interconnection, or apathetic
if by chance we've figured it out.  You're reading this on the INTERNET, a tool that allows
interconnection combined with knowledge bases and allot of stuff in between.
Somewhere inside you know you have the intuitive gene.  Heard anyone say they don't
want to learn about computers or the internet? Check them out and see how connected
they are.  They probably do go to church.  And they pray. And they know how to shop.  
Keep checking.  See any judgment? See any conceptions that lead to judgment?  Are
they healthy?  That doesn't mean the internet will make them well.  What keeps us well is
balance, and understanding where we fit in the balance between nature and Heaven;
understanding our relationship to Earth and it's inhabitants; and respecting that
connection, helps to make us well, and may even help to develop intuition.

                                                July 14, 2005

News Day!  Shark bite in Galveston.  Where will Emily go?  Researchers find toxic
chemicals in umbilical blood.  Where did they come from?  1800 people died in PA
hospitals from infections they got FROM the hospital. Young Living (Gary Young) opens
massive conference in Salt Lake City, Utah and announces Ninja Juice(from wolf berries.)
Rayna G. tells a doctor on a bus in Buffalo to check out garlic to control cancer.  The
year? 1981.  The result? Doctors find garlic may stop cancerous growths in the
intestines and colon.  The year? 2005.  The conclusion?  More research needed.
Holistic Health Hot line has doubled its listening audience! Conclusion?  We are getting

                                                  July 16, 2005
Newest internet happening is the "We are not afraid" site from Britain.  God works in
mysterious ways.  There are only 2 emotions in this world - love and fear.  The world is
evolving, and according to Native American prophesies, the Bible and assorted
religious and non-religious texts, the end of days is coming. We think so one
dimensionally.  Immediately we think "The end of the world." Since our world is an
illusion to begin with, consider instead the end of the world as we know it.  Only 2
emotions, energies, truly exist.  We are the co-creators of our reality.  We have created
a world where those 2 energies are in absolute conflict, and, finally, we have moved to a
space of being not afraid. Within the next 7 years this will become more proactive.  
Instead of NOT being something, we will move to "We are love."  Eventually to
unconditional love, or as close as we can get on Earth.  What is promised is these
changes will bring us to 1000 years of peace and harmony. May those of us who know
what love is live to see it, and our children and grandchildren flourish within that

                                                July 19, 2005
The United States of America.  I want my country back.  My grandfather on my father's
side was Italian, not Eastern Indian as many think my last name suggests, and he came to
America at the age of 16.  He came for opportunity, for freedom, and he came with
gratitude.  My great grandfather on my mother's side was a 6th generation American
married to a Native American woman. His ancestors fought in the Revolution. I learned
Native ways from an early age, but I also learned immigrant ways and beliefs and have
been fortunate enough to have an open mind and a passionate heart. Remember when
it was okay for kids to play all day "somewhere in the neighborhood" as long as they
were home by dark? Remember when movies were not only affordable, but also
portrayed the true difference between good guys and bad guys?  Remember the comic
books that weren't political satire, but rather comments on social change and values?
When Superman captured a bad guy, he didn't have his motives analyzed, nor did he
worry about what people thought.  It was a BAD guy, deserving of whatever fate, and we
understood that, we believed, and we knew we didn't ever want to be a "bad guy." Was
there ever a time when our elected officials were truly representatives of the people?
Was there ever a time when elected paychecks were paid for actual time in the Senate
or Congress? Remember Ellis Island? My grandfather vowed to learn English and the
American way, and he kissed the ground he walked on.  He sent 5 sons to World War II
because his country had been attacked. Remember when you could make a telephone
call and not have a prompt for English or Spanish? Why don't we have prompts for
Italian, and Polish, and Iroquois? Remember tearing up at the Star Bangle Banner or
wishing your family was like the one on Father Knows Best, or waiting for the ice cream
truck, or collecting pop bottles, or climbing trees without pesticides, or just riding your
bike in circles with baseball cards making noise on the spokes? Remember going
outside to play without the fear of a bomb or kidnapping?  Remember knowing
somewhere in your heart that the heroes we needed to protect us were there, just as
they had been in the Revolution and World War II and late at night when a storm was
coming? What are we giving our children, dear Nation? I want my country back.


                                                July 21, 2005
Dare to love.  Dare to see the spirit, the divinity, in every living thing.  Love
unconditionally, with every part of you, every breath, every touch, every thought.  Dare
to be all you were intended to be. Know your spirit soars with the birds.  Know you are
warriors like the trees that stand tall, but cradle all who climb. Know the rain is your
tears, the sun your light, the clouds your imagination. Be of service without grovelling.
Let go of ego so you may embrace all the Creator has given you.  Dare to love.  With
passion.  With courage.  With truth.  Unconditionally.

                                              July 25, 2005
Dolphins were smiling as they followed our boat and jumped to tourist cameras, but
there she was, a woman and her two daughters, totally oblivious while they played
games on their cell phones.  I slapped the wood so the dolphins would jump closer and
the kids with me could savor the beautiful communication between dolphin and humans,
but the woman and her daughters, following her lead, played poker on a device devoid
of soul.  Salt water splashed my face, and mixed  with the salt from my eyes. One hour in
the Gulf with amazing creatures, and they chose Verizon.  We have free will.  We make
choices. How often do we choose wisely? Who teaches us about choice? We follow the
"leader." Parents, lead well.  Your children are dying.

                                                July 28, 2005
How do you know when you're sick? People call and email and say, I'm fine, perfectly
healthy, but my mother, sister, friend has a problem.  In the course of our conversations,
I ask them about their own health.  The denial is everywhere.  We've grown accustomed
to pain killers, anti-depressants, antihistamines, antibiotics.  Do you notice a common
word?  Doesn't "anti" mean counter to or against something?  Feels a little like negative
energy to me.  Pain is a gift, to the sufferer, the therapist trying to alleviate the pain, and
to those caregivers who need help deciding that we're in trouble.  To KILL pain, is to kill
the messenger. And antidepressants really get me. Especially in America, with all of it's
exasperating politics and frustrating game playing, it is still a miracle every day.  Sun or
clouds, wind or stillness, too hot or too cold - with the tiniest breath, the simplest turn,
the Creator gives us the miracle of life. If you think you're depressed, try truly loving
these gifts, be it nature, your family, the twinkle in your eye.  Try teaching someone else
to appreciate the world around them. Reteach yourself the joy of breathing. A listener
and reader wrote me a scathing email telling me to shut up, that I am dangerous
because I say drugs are not the answer. Open your eyes and your minds.  Drugs are man
made, our "conditions" are man made, the miracles around us cannot be duplicated.  If
being an advocate of unconditional love, holistic healing, and appreciation of life makes
me dangerous, then so be it.  Which danger do you choose?

                                            July 31, 2005
Another month gone, and life goes on. What a strange life it is sometimes. Generation
gaps abound, and I question our evolution.  I call my friends as often as possible, as do
the “kids” who have cell phones, but my generation in general, and my mother’s
generation in particular, find the phone intrusive, annoying, invasive. Today is my
mother’s birthday.  81 with few friends alive, and even the few are not expected to
contact her every day.  Julia will be 18 in 25 days and not a day goes by without repeated
contact with the chosen many.  I’m somewhere in the middle of this communication
phenomenon, too busy, really, to call everyone or email, but too aware of passing time to
not MAKE time.  I had an artist friend, PK, whom I exchanged calls with on a regular
basis.  She was 52 when she died unexpectedly, and I hadn’t called in awhile. Why do we
play the games and avoid each other?  Why is it an imposition to answer a friend who
calls to say, “Good Morning” or “I was thinking of you?” Are we that afraid?  Are we so
sure that WE are not worth it so why are they? Do we assume they will take a minute?  Or
an hour?  And we’re not ready for them to “take” anything because we’re not ready to
give?  We are so much a global family, and somehow we have reduced that family to a
microcosm that reflects our truth; Families are always there.  We don’t need to
communicate.  We want our privacy, our time, our space.  Sorry.  My family, for the most
part extended, is everywhere, and though I don’t communicate with each one every day,
I think of them every day, am grateful for them every day, and love each one more every
day.  So, pardon my call, my email, my text message, my hug, my gift of a flower, a card, or
a joke.  Or DON’T pardon it.  I will love you anyway. Perhaps just before that unexpected
day, you’ll hear from me, and know someone loved you enough to make the time, and
give it to you.  
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