August 8, 2005

8/8.  A good day?  The man of the hour is Peter Jennings. The thought of the day is death.  As I read the blogs
and comments from the internet today, I realized how final we believe death to be.  We have learned to put life
on a time line with a beginning, middle and end, and because the Great Mystery is always with us, even the
finality of "the end" floats into the unknown.  We grieve when a life ends.  We relive moments, undo
wrongs,elevate to pedestals,condemn, judge,forget,applaud.  With each death we grab hold of whatever small
part of our life we can , and integrate it into this transition. Depending on our belief system, we wonder if he
went to heaven, or to the ground, or to ash, or somewhere else we're not allowed to know.  In my world it's a
little different.  Because we celebrate life in whole, not in part, death indeed becomes a part of living. A simple
transition to another state of being, another energy, which ensures that life goes on.  We see it all around us.  
Migration of the feathered and winged ones teaches us about the changing of seasons and the movement of
energy for survival.  Falling leaves, withering perennials, crops ready to pick, teach us the way of death giving
life. Michael Landon was a friend of mine.  Before he died he wrote the same words he had written into a Little
House story.  "Remember me with smiles and laughter...If you can't, do not remember me at all." How do you
want to be remembered? Where are you on your time line? Try bending that line into a circle, and then spiral it
up for your many years, each year a transition, different, but the same.  Go beyond our shallow dimensions
and know that the life you had 1 million years ago you still have, it's just different.  See beyond the illusion.  See
the infinite energy and know it can never end, just be remembered.

                                                                       August 14, 2005
A long time since I felt "moved" to blog. Through the weeks I have given my heart and soul to a program
whose mission was to teach, support, inform, and entertain those interested in taking charge of their health,
their wellness, their lives. Some have written to say thanks.  Some have written to ask why. When we check
the numbers, our audience, especially for the summer months, has been loyal and growing.  But we are
speaking of holistic health, a subject that threatens the medical and pharmaceutical establishments.  We are
encompassing the body, mind and spirit, an approach that frightens those who prefer written guidelines to
living and, therefore, barely exist. We do incorporate the politics of living, something that interferes with the
presumed ethereal context of this thing called "alternative health."  Perhaps our mistake.  Holistic health is
actually the mainstream approach to wellness, handed down from the first people, indeed, handed down from
God.  It's the other approach that is actually the last alternative.  It's the one that robs us of our individuality
while also erasing our collective bond.  It disables our bodies from the natural healing they were made to do by
filling us with chemicals and a fearful belief that we either do, or die.  I have come to you from the heart and
imparted knowledge few are allowed to know.  There are no sponsors for this experience.  There is no money
changing hands to bias our recommendations. There are 3 weeks left.  You may never have this opportunity
again so, as many have said before, listen .  Earth, Mother Earth is calling.  Your Earthwalk is yours and yours
alone.  Do it now. Tomorrow is either the first or the last day of the rest of your life.

                                                                     August 17, 2005

College, the unity of (di)versity.  My daughter begins another journey. We are all in school.  We chose our
parents, our birthdate, birthplace.  It's as if we said to God, the Creator, "I want to learn humility, or
self-esteem, or unconditional love."  God then creates a scenario with players, adversaries, challenges.  He is,
after all, the ultimate teacher. We are born into a world we have already helped to create, and then school
begins. If we flunk a quiz, a test, we're given plenty of make-up exams, plenty of new curriculum to try again.  
Some seem to ace the whole experience, or so they think.  Some fail miserably, or so they believe. How many
quizzes do we need to retake before we finally get it? Why do so many worry about everyone else's lives and
not their own?  Remember the speck/boulder in your eye?  You have one best friend, one true being that is
with you from birth.  A human being that needs care, compassion, love and guidance. Be the friend, the parent,
the teacher to that fragile human.  Don't cheat on your tests. Prepare for graduation.

                                                                        August 22, 2005
Is the best selling book, "Natural Cures 'They' Don't want You To Know About," a fraud? Yes, and no.  Kevin
Tudeau is no "good boy," that's for sure, and much of the information in his book is basically folk cures that
can be read in Reader's Digest or Prevention magazine.  Why then the best-selling status?  Because people
are fed up with pharmaceutical companies, doctors who either prescribe or cut, and the insurance
companies who only truly insure their futures.  So they buy a book that promises all the answers. The good
thing is, at least it gets people to start thinking a little for themselves. The bad thing is, it again stops people
from thinking for themselves.  Medicine is SELF-KNOWLEDGE, that mysterious way of knowing when your
body is out of balance and then having the resources and plan of action to get it back into balance.  It's true
that pharma cos would go out of business if people RE-learned the ways of the Earth and self-healing.  It's true
that Doctors would also be in financial trouble if people took control of their health and didn't run to the
(mostly) men in white coats for the answers.  But it's false to rely on a remedy for a symptom and treating it as
a universal cure-all for whatever ails you.  That kind of thinking is what brought us to allopathic symptom
dosing in the first place.  Just as I've said in previous writings about therapists and caregivers not doing the
job they should be, this book is as much an injustice to the many people searching for help and answers.  
Avoid looking at this as the bible.  It's simply a money-making ploy from someone who could have done better
and has the passionate anger, but not the knowledge or the ethics.

                                                                    August 25, 2005
Happy Birthday, Julia! In eighteen years you never had a time-out, never had a spanking, and barely made me
raise my voice.  How very special you are.  You are not judgmental.  You are always aware of people's needs
and you never rescue them, but rather empower them. You are just and know the emotions of love and fear,
but you've mastered fear with trust and faith; So many don't know how to do this. You never played video
games, never smoked or used drugs, never even mastered a computer as life and living were your priorities.
You have understood since your beginning that we are all in this together and there has never been a moment,
not one, that I wasn't proud.  Nothing you ever say or do will change that.  As God loves us no matter what, and
guides us without judgement, so do I you.  Thank you, dear one.  I celebrate your life

                                                                    September 3, 2005
It has been prophesied that soon our coastlines will change and with them the outlines, the barriers, the
boundaries in our lives.  It has been foretold that the meaning of money will change, its value be diminished or
erased. It has been said that the changes in our Earth will cause us to finally ask how we should live here.  We
had many warnings, many storms, many hurricanes.  The map of the Gulf Coast has once again been altered,
but this time it's for the world to see.  Are you paying attention?  Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi - the alms for
the poor, brought on by the storm whose name means "Holy." We see the anger.  We see the disease and
death.  We hear the prayers.  The Red Cross and Salvation Army say, "Send money." They won't accept
volunteers, nor will they accept advice.   Why money?  To pay who for what? 30 million people are ready and
willing to work for nothing to help whomever they can. Why does even a tragedy like this have to be reduced to
money and who will gain?  Anger is fear.  Fear is the opposite of love.  Prayer works, but only when we release
the fear and do what we're meant to do. Why the delay?  Is it perhaps because our government has become
the be-all-end-all control?  The people ARE the government, so why do we wait for the okay?  The United
States.  Are we? The polls on the internet ask if the hurricane has affected your business.  Most answer, "Not
at all." It should.  Whether it means you stop working so gas is available for emergencies, or that you stop
trying to make money from everything you have and give it away instead, or that you change your diet and give
your food to the children, or you stop worrying about your "stuff" and open your house to new family
members-your life, your work, your very being should be affected. Affected with unconditional love, not fear.  
Go to the home page and listen to the program from 09/01/05.

                                                                    September 4, 2005

Hurricane Katrina continues to bring out the good and bad in everyone.  Fred Small, the mayor of Daphne,
Alabama, succumbed to the pressures and influence of the rich and powerful and closed the local civic center
to evacuees because the  affluent in this area didn't want "those kind of people in their neighborhoods."  The
rich and powerful attended church today, praised God and each other, and left their center empty so that a
neighborhood many miles away could harbor the needy.  When we get the names of those who picketed, they
will be published.  God Bless America.  More to come.

                                                                   September 5, 2005
Give me your tired, your poor.  Your huddled masses.....Get rid of big government and back to the people, the
true grit of our country.  Fema gave people $3000 for a chain saw without a receipt last year, then ran out of
money during hurricane Ivan.  The Red Cross was nowhere to be found in Louisiana and still not in
Mississippi.  Money, money, money. They didn't know people were in the superdome with no food or water.
They didn't know the levees could be breached. They didn't provide money for the levees, but instead cut the
budget. The cops in New Orleans left the city. If you're poor, you loose.  I was flooded from Hurricane Danny in
1997.  FEMA couldn't help except for a check for $26 to stay one night in a motel(where is this cheap
room?)while my apartment was being repaired, which took 3 months.  I was self-employed, had friends, had
credit, so I survived.  I lost everything and never got a cent, so I know a little about the current emotions. We
need our country back.  Homeland security is now in charge of everything, and we don't feel very secure.  As
one newscaster said, we have a homeland security department that couldn't even protect people from
contaminated water.  Something is very wrong here.  This isn't finger pointing, but rather harsh criticism of a
country that has been so apathetic for so long, that the beauracracy we call government is more out of hand
than the weather.  The Red Cross has told my friends they can't volunteer because they need men, not
women. The Salvation Army says they don't do tent cities because people complain, mostly THEIR people, but
complaints nonetheless.  The President of The United States continues to receive information of major
National importance from people who don't do their jobs, shouldn't have their jobs, can't do the job- but he
continues to listen and praise them. We The People, of The United States of America...

                                                                  September 7, 2005
Beware Ophelia!  The name means "help" and, for those who remember Shakespeare, is the character who
goes insane and drowns herself.  Gets weirder all the time, doesn't it? The "Holy" storm released the poor into
the hands of a nation, and lurking off Florida's shores, with no positive direction as yet, Ophelia.  Maybe "O"
will generate enough of the right kind of energy to allow private citizens to help in all the ways they've been
trying, from delivering food, to searches, to comforting and protecting.  Help spins in the Atlantic.  If it crosses
into the Gulf we will see a true dichotomy.  If it stays on the Eastern coast perhaps we'll see more blunders.   
For sure there is a bigger picture, a larger plan

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