September, 2005
Katrina has come, but may never be gone.  The storm whose name meant "Holy" chartered a course
unforcasted and caused man-made disaster in it's path.  Ophelia hovered off the Eastern Coast.  Ophelia,
whose name means "Help," and also the character who drowns herself, drowned villages instead.  I have
travelled the destructive path.  I've listened to the politicians, watched the newscasters try to rally support
through their own personal anger, heard the President offer his condolences, and still the people of biloxi,
Gulfport, Bay st. Louis, Pass Christian, Pascagoula, Grand Bay, Slidell, Waveland and a host of other towns
and cities have seen no government help. FEMA needs to be abolished and rebuilt.  The Red Cross needs to
be reorganized with the understanding that the red Cross flag doesn't mean what it did in World War II.  
Those who prey on loss and confusion should be incarcerated, but at their cost, not ours.  Those who stole
food and water need understanding and forgiveness.  Those who are stealing while using Government
issued debit cards need to be put to work with no pay to help rebuild neighborhoods.  Those who see only a
racial issue, or only a political issue, or even a religious issue need to rethink, or better, re-feel the changes
that are happening around us.  Hummingbirds are flying through neighborhoods on the Gulf Coast as
confused and hungry as the past inhabitants.  They shouldn't be here yet.  Butterflies and Canadian geese
are showing up all over the coast way too early for their migration.  The money machine is working in all
sectors hoping to capitalize on any and all misery with the belief that Government dollars will pay well and
make them rich or richer.  Study.  WE are the government.  The dollars are ours.  All of this while the elders,
the vulnerable and the poor wander the streets of America or perish while waiting.  The flood waters of New
Orleans have lifted the poor.  Many will be given chances they never believed they had. Storm-tossed towns
have smaller coastline to build on and may rethink the building process.  Mayors and Governors scheme for
dollars and votes, while Uncle Sam looks forward to cheap, condemned housing being bulldozed for future
capital gains.  When will we learn?  When will we realize the lessons, the warnings?  I was asked in an email
what is coming in the year 2012 and how to prepare.  By that year all that was coming will have been, and
those with faith and true unconditional love will have survived.  Money will cease to exist as we know it, so
hoarders, cutthroats, misers and the rich will wallow in confusion and not know how to continue.  Farmers
who have given into payments for empty land will no longer remember how to truly farm, without provided
seed, pesticides, channelled, unpolluted water.   Politicians will argue in empty halls and court gavels will
resound in overcrowded chambers. How do we prepare?  Is church the answer?  The churches will be
toppled when the earth shakes them from their foundations and those of the cloth will be homeless and
without clothing to identify their power.  Is fear the answer?  Fear has driven countries all over the world to
kill, steal, invade.  It has caused Americans to judge each other as they judge themselves, but without truth
or love and this, in turn, has created a society that hates, steals, kills, lies and meanders, all in the name of
God.  What is the answer?  How do we prepare? Find unconditional love.  Look first in the mirror.  Prepare
the body and rebuild it as it is the harbor of the Soul.  Judge not.  Follow the simple 10 rules without adding
others that you believe justify your own failures or fears. It's a long road that will pass quickly and
unannounced.  Be ready, or be gone.

                                                                           September 24, 2005

Now we have Rita.  Notice Rita is contained in Katrina, therefore a relative, perhaps a daughter, and a smaller
copycat.  She may also be the sister of Ivan from last year, and do the buttonhook turn back to the Gulf.  That
aside, has anyone heard of those still living under tarps in Biloxi, Gulfport, Long Beach and Pass Christian?  
Have you heard about the blue roofs still shredding on the roofs of Pensacolans?  How quickly we forget.  
We only remember what the media reports, only feel what we're told to react to, only respond if it affects us
directly.  I've toured Biloxi and D'Iberville.  There are no words.  I suggest we include ALL in our daily
correspondence, our daily constitutionals, our daily prayers.  There is a season... This one is not over.

                                                                          September 26, 2005
Authority.  WAY back on September 11, 2001 people ran from fear and searched for authority, those who
could tell them not to be afraid, and who was to blame, and how we would avenge our losses.  September
2004, Interstate I 10 was once again filled with those afraid of the wrath of nature, those who waited too long
from indecision and fear of loss; Those who waited for the authorities to tell them to run. August and
September, 2005 brings the Holy storm, Katrina, Mary(Maria) watching our reactions, and Rita(the daughter)
who signifies the convergence of Pagan and Christian.  Authority. A power to influence thought or behavior.
Power. The capacity for acting upon or undergoing an effect, also, a source or means of supplying energy.
The authority is NOT in Washington, D.C., nor in the guarded mansions of Governors and Mayors, nor in black
robes, doctrines, tenets, perceptions, distortions, rap music, drugs, or anything else that we humans believe
in. Look deeper.  See the lessons.  Thousands who could not communicate.  Thousands DISplaced and
Separated from family. Millions trying to return Home as defined by the mailbox rather than the birthplace of
their souls.  POWER outages and water, water, water, the best conductor of electricity.  The Mississippi has
run backwards for a second time, and the Weather channel is watching the tropics.  Watch instead Mother
Earth as She now realigns the equivalent of her spine, the electrical, powerful connection within her own
system. We'll feel the tremors, the "spinal" manipulation.  Know somewhere in your heart and soul that true
communication does not come from cell phones or radios, that fuel does not come from drills and refineries,
that power is not attained, but ordained and that authority-that all-emcompassing word we abuse so
religiously, contains the word "author."  The creative force that is authoring our change, our prescribed
evolution, is within us and mostly unseen. The author of what happens next, what occurs tomorrow, wears
no uniform, was not elected, has no political agenda, doesn't care about money, knows the importance and
power of water, and will prevail. We are 75-80% water.  Somewhere there is a kinship, a family line, a relative
meaning. Search and find the connection.
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