January 24, 2006
We've done the research, worked in the trenches, and we're ready to move forward.  Our internet talk radio
show and subsequent Cd's were so popular, we've decided to begin POD CASTING on February 1, 2006.  For
those savvy individuals out there, this means you'll be able to learn about holistic health and alternative
medicine strategies on the go.
For those who don't know what this means, an IPOD is a device developed by Apple originally intended to
download MP3 or music files from the internet.  Now I Pods are being used to not only listen to music, but
also watch classic TV, movies and listen to radio or internet radio broadcasts on just about any subject.
We know we'll reach a large audience and we're very excited about the possibilities.
ALSO, I've begun a new book entitled
"Forget The Cures, Find The Cause."  We're on a roll, so
hopefully you'll see the printed word very soon.  Stay tuned.
One more thing, We've done the research on water, water tables, aquifers, pollutants, chemicals and by-
products in drinking and bath water.  Scary stuff.  Go the water page and begin your education. For those of
you in the Pensacola, Florida or Coastal Alabama, BLAB TV will be airing numerous programs covering
holistic health and water beginning Saturday, January 27, 2206.

January 26, 2006
Learn about water and learn soon.  Yes, our water departments do the best they believe they can to saturate
our drinking and bathing water in chemicals to kill harmful and deadly bacteria, however, they use chlorine.  
Chlorine is not only harmful itself, but also produces by-products like chloroform and chloromines.  You
absorb these and a host of other chemicals into your  through the largest organ of your body, the skin.  In
fact, 24 hot showers is all it takes to equal 5 years of drinking 8 eight oz glasses of chemical-laden water a
day.  You can check out your own tap water (IF they have responded and reported) at http://tapwatersafety.
com. If you're not worried, at least think about your kids.

June 16, 2006
The book is done and ready to pre-order.  $16.95 isn't bad for something that will possibly change your life.  
Pre-order on contact page or check back here in July for a link to order as many copies as you want.  Great
gifts for friends, too!
For those who follow the weather, I was pretty right about the first storm.  Alligators were attacking women,
which also pointed to a possible volcano.  The volcano in Indonesia erupted, and the first arrow to hit
Tallahassee-Jacksonville was a warning.  Stay tuned.

September 11, 2006

The towers stood on New York soil in the land of the pilgrim’s pride.  Lady Liberty cast her reflection in the
windows, and many earned their way as Americans on the acre-long floors of Democracy. Once, people
smiled through the windows and gazed at the waters and bridges that make America the land of the free,
the land of many cultures, the land of many faiths.  We are one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for
all. One nation. A nation that will continue to grow and thrive and cherish the soil.  A nation that will continue
to strive for brotherly love, the golden rule, freedom of speech and religion and choice. A nation with borders
and boundaries crossed only by those who respect the land and the law.  A nation my grandfather came to
with hope and my father and uncles fought for with pride. A nation of many tongues, but only one language.  
One of many colors, but steadfast in the red, white and blue.
I will not fear those who want to harm my country or my people.  I will not fear their egos or jealousies or
false pride or tenets.  I have the power of America behind me, and I will not give that power away or
empower those who wish to destroy it. I will not be a victim.
I will, instead, own my country.  I will only empower those who believe in my constitution and understand my
declaration of independence. I will recognize my country as my family and protect her, argue with her,
chastise her, disagree with her, but always, always, love her.
Two towers stood on New York soil.  I am one.  Please be the other.


Front Street Reviews

Forget the Cures, Find the Cause
Rayna M. Gangi

Reviewed by Sabrina Williams

Stop treating the symptoms and treat the cause. It sounds like advice from our mothers, doesn't it?
Unfortunately, today's society at large has turned away from the wisdom of our elders and our knee-jerk
reaction is to pop a pill for whatever ails us. In Forget the Cures, Find the Cause, Rayna M. Gangi makes a
case for eliminating the quick fixes that have become a staple of American life, yet never seem to truly solve
our medical dilemmas. Gangi explains why treating every pain or ailment, whether physical, mental, or
spiritual, fails to work. The reason modern medicines and treatments fail to work is simple: we have failed to
eliminate the cause. Gangi leads the reader through a path of self-discovery and a return to common sense
as she illustrates how today's lifestyle is actually destroying our very existence.

According to Gangi, a Holistic Health practitioner, the path to wellness lies in changes in diet and our ways of
thinking. She points out that most medical professionals earnestly want to help patients, but are restrained
by threats of lawsuits and are locked into their own idealistic interpretations of what are currently known as
traditional practices, clouded by cultural biases. As patients, we force ourselves into vicious cycles of self-
destruction when we medicate our insecurities rather than attempting to discover the circumstances
causing our pain. Gangi believes that humans react to every situation either from love or from fear. Choosing
to react from fear can actually cause that which we fear most to materialize.

Utlizing Native American medicine and lore combined with Christian spirituality, Gangi provides us with some
simple steps for improving our own physical health. She speaks with a motherly compassion for humanity
as she accompanies us on our journey through our Earthly existence. Part instruction and part inspiration,
Forget the Cures serves as a crucial reminder to mankind to slow down and stop letting the chaos of
modern life prevent our bodies from completing the self-mending they were designed to do

Rayna Gangi's Blog - 7